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Sep 12, 2010
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Carey, OH
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Can't seem to find a way in to a D I game yet, but I did get to a D II game finally this year and have another one this weekend. Anything I should do different for this next one? Will be the same stadium with the team in green Tiffin University playing DII top ranked Grand Valley State. D700 w/ 300mm f/4






700 views and zero comments, Are we afraid to hurt my feelings?
1. Nice, sharp...but did you crop it or is that how it came out on camera? It just seems a bit tight where the helmet is cut off.

2. Awesome timing, and again nice and sharp...

3. I don't know if I would've left the tight end in the right side since he's not really adding anything to the shot...Also, you cropped a bit tight on top of the RB's helmet...it's cut off just a little.

4. Not really a fan of the shot since the defensive back got in the way in the foreground...But a sharp, well composed photo nonetheless.

5. Seems a little out of focus, or it just could be the fact that you were on the opposite sideline...But it's a good capture with the Receiver upside-down.

6. Good shot...I would've given it a bit more exposure in photoshop after the fact, but a really nice capture.
Excellent shots, very well done.

The last one could be a bit brighter and I think that all of them look like they have been over sharpened.
Saturation seems to be cranked up very,very high...odd that they got 700+ views...I just saw the post's title a minute or so ago, and did not see it during the prior three days...huh...#2 is a fantastic shot! The others are good, workmanlike shots...pretty decent really. #6 is very solid. Not as awesome as #2, but very solid! Did I say #2 is awesome? I mean, cripes....the eyes on the receiver! The defender wrapping up, and both guys off the ground! AND a clean background!!!

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