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DIY Ai Conversion


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Feb 27, 2013
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Ontario, Canada
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Meant to post this earlier but 'tis the season for sharing. Biggest headache involves detaching the aperture rings, which on NAI Nikkor oldies was usually secured with a thread-lock compound. This is either easy to dislodge or requires a touch from a soldering iron on the screw heads to free them up(an old Nikon.ca tech I knew used this approach). At any rate, this site dispels much of the mystery behind where to file ancient Nikon aperture rings, which allows metering with old glass on DSLRs with Ai tabs:

Nikon AI conversion

Best holiday wishes to all!
Cool! I have a pawn shop 50-1.4 pre-AI I was going to have to send off, without really knowing until afterward if it was going to be worth using. Not knowing where to file the notch in the aperture ring was the only reason I was afraid of DIY.

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