DLSR camera good for videos and mic attachment and can be used with Ronin Gimbals.


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Aug 5, 2021
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Hi All, I'm after some advice please. At present for ground work I use a DJI OM 4 Combo 3-Axis Gimbal and my iPhone 12 Pro and GoPro 9. So far it's worked well but I accept I will need to upgrade my ground work equipment. Can anyone recommend the next step please? I was looking at the Ronin S Gimbal and an entry level decent camera that works well with it. I've heard good things about the Canon EOS 5D (Mark 5 out my budget, Mark 3 or 4 any good) but open to suggestions, also be good to use it with a mic attachment for when doing interviews, budget wise I'd say around £500 give or take but if there is one that will do what I need for £300 happy to pay less of course, any advice appreciated thanks.

there are over the internet many articles like this or that .. I think that you won't go wrong with any from the list .. Ofc based on your budget you will probably have to consider the used camera .. I strongly suggest to go with camera with interchangeable lenses and ideal would be for the beginning some zoom with ~ 16-50mm range .. These cameras are mostly DX (crop sensor) so it's equivalent of 24-70mm zoom on FX (full frame) body ..

cheers, dan

ps. you ask in original question for DSRL (which means Digital Single Lens Reflex ...), cameras in articles above are mostly mirrorless so they are not DSRL cameras specifically, if you really want a DSRL camera for a video, then something like (used) Nikon D5600 would be a good choice
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I've used 5DMK2, MK3 and MkIV. All were used extensively on gimbals. The MK4 is the best as the autofocus is great (no video AF on the 2 or 3), and it can record up to 30 minutes. Get a second-hand MK4, it's a great camera for pretty much anything you want to shoot.

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