Do we need a Digital Art forum?


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Mar 18, 2013
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What do you all think? I was just trying to figure out where to post this and ended up here as it doesn’t really fit anywhere else. This is what I would consider digital art more than photography. Is there any interest in this type of forum? I guess I could just start a theme thread...

glory by SharonCat..., on Flickr
I don’t think I ever noticed that since it’s not under galleries.
I can't see where it would hurt anything but I get the feeling people will have a hard time distinguishing between photography and digital art. Some may wonder, what are the deciding factors?
First off, very nice image. I think that would be a good idea. I hadn't thought of it before but now that you ask I realize I've seen numerous photos that would go well in digital art forum.
If not under themes, then I'd suggest the General Gallery, and just state in your thread title or post along with your work, that you consider it digital art. "General" is pretty catch-all.

And your shot here is beautiful! Love those colors and the black branches against them.

Edited to add: I'd sooner change the General Gallery title to include Digital Art than add a forum. But only if really considered necessary.
I’ll just make a theme. Thanks.

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