Do you have Gas? (gear aquisition syndrome)

Dave Maciak

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Jul 9, 2020
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Be honest. How much gear do you have that sits in dusty, honor; not used in some cases years! Speaking of cases, who really needs 12 bags and cases? Got my eye on a new Bellingham! 11 cameras, 4 strobes,
15 lenses--and the ones I had traded or sold not even counted!
A shoe box full of filters (too many to count), lens hoods, body and lens caps. Perhaps the most perplexing is why do I need 20 plastic hot shoe protective caps? More stuff not even listed! The big question:
am I better at the craft with all the new and greatest gear? Nope.

Nowadays, I usually grab one camera, 2 lenses at the most. You know what? I find that combo is more than enough for 99.9% of what I shoot. I do believe G-A-S is a treatable problem---but I love all my stuff---just might some day really need my Nikon Coolpix 5700 or the big F2 and motor drive! Are you guilty?
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Oh yes, on many fronts, not just photography. I have a gun cabinet full of bass guitars, a shed full of amps, several nice pistols, a shop full of woodworking tools and a lot of photo gear.
Yup, camera gear and guitars. Love it, lifes too short not to.
Guilty but I could do with a few more bags/cases.
Altogether I have around 70 cameras & 300 ish lenses but I've not been hoarding hot shoe protectors.
I'd probably need more than 4 shoe boxes for my filters but I shoot a lot of IR with converted cameras so get unusual effects from many of them.
I only used about half the lenses I took out for a photowalk today, using a 40mm triplet, 100mm macro, 500mm mirror lens & the kit zoom for laziness. I didn't come across really wanting any of the wide options.
Unfortunately, yes. And once I get something I am emotionally attached and cannot ever sell or part with it
Unfortunately. I tend to buy a lot of old cameras which use 120 film just because I like the look of them, when they still function it's just a bonus. I've also started collecting 35mm cameras. I just need to find an enlarger so I can actually print out some of the photos I get from them.

On another hobby I have I also buy more than I could ever use but luckily it's a little cheaper than photography equipment. I also knit and have several expensive sets of knitting needles (the most expensive being about $400) and more yarn than I could ever possibly knit in my lifetime.
Naw, I'm pretty immune to GAS! I have two cameras, my sports camera and my everything else camera. I do have as film camera that I use for occasional film projects but it's an EOS so I don't have any extra lenses just for it.
I have two backpacks, one for sports and one for travel.
My travel tripod was and old alloy Gitzo that I bought used over 20 years ago and just replaced it with a used Gitzo 1541T when one came up for $250 but I'd been looking for 10 years! LoL
Well, maybe just a little GAS, since I've been thinking of getting back into landscapes and I've been itching for a 4x5 field camera!!! LoL
<---needs Tums!

But! I do try to use every piece at least once a year. Ill force myself to take it out and shoot.
Yup, camera gear and guitars. Love it, lifes too short not to.
I'm pretty much the same, just add in archery and fishing gear [emoji16]

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I have loads of fishing gear, Beach, Boat, Fly and Coarse. Always fancied archery but other than a couple of go's many years ago at a corporate event I've never really done it.
I never sell bodies and have picked up three older ones through family, a friend and Goodwill.

I keep an old body and two older lens at the lake cabin -- and still haul my best stuff down there. I use older gear in high risk situations and sometimes just for the challenge.

I have one body and lens for business travel. Small DSLR and an 18-400 super zoom. Got them just as Covid set in.

Part of it is learning curve: invest in something to "get the shot" only to find:

1) it wasn't needed
2) it is a shot rarely taken

Perhaps it depends on how narrow one's interests are. Mine are very wide. On Sunday I shot wildlife, landscapes, macro, and astro in the span of 18 hours.
I use what I have. A few maybe not as often because they are travel cameras. I've bought new, used and open box. Always looking for a deal. With the recent stimulus check my husband asked what new lens I was getting. I said paying taxes. I should have thought before speaking ;)
Guilty as charged. In fact, I just purchased a Mamiya 645 1000s medium format film camera, a few lenses and several accessories for it. I see another bag or three in my future. I need one more lens, an 80mm 2.8 C, then I am cutting myself off until next year.
You can never have too many cameras or lens, or tools, or scrap building materials, or, well you get the picture.

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