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Nov 5, 2008
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Lots of looky-loos, but no comments, so I'll jump in. It's nice, and artistic... but there are two things holding me back: 1) my lack of experience in viewing this type of style, and 2) the heavy rain effect is making wonder if they really would be playing in such heavy rain, which detracts from my efforts to appreciate the work you've put into it.
I think the use of this type of technique saves a shot where your trying to capture something but the technical aspects of the photo just didnt quite make it. I personally dont care for this type of shot its just not for me.
Graphic Pen filter from Photoshop? Most people don't really give these much time as they take no effort to produce. What's the original look like?
A neat little trick with many of the 'pen' and 'brush' filters (though this is really only a start) is duplicate the layer, run the filter, then change the opacity to blend the original image back in. Something to have fun with at least. You can stack 8 or 9 of the different filters this way and with some creative masking, make some pretty cool stuff.

As to the OP, the large areas of white really hurt the image and the effect makes it look like they're playing in the rain.

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