Does it look clean?


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Nov 18, 2007
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Santa Monica, CA
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I detail cars on the side (JC Detail :D), and this is the first car i've have the 40d for...

this was shot after dark, iso 1000.

more pictures tomorrow.


I love the second picture! The colors in the background really add to the overall composition....NICE.
Oh yeeeeeessss. That one SURE looks clean! Wow!
Nothing reflects in my car the way it looks right now :oops: ... NOTHING AT ALL! But this one. Hey now!

Wanna come round do mine now? You may later also take its photo. Is that a deal?
thanks for the replies so far. i'm not really trying to be artistic (although i guess that is a bonus), this is more for a business on the side. Thanks for letting me know it looked clean though! :D

more pics in a couple hours
I don't think the reflections from its surroundings is pleasant, but that's definitely a clean lookin car.

Nice job with the ISO 1000 too, I can't notice a quality difference.
Those are fantastic shots, clear and well detailed.

I liked the idea on the first one, except on the images in car reflection, if the motorcycle and the red/yellow banner are focused, I think will be great.
good stuff bro. I also checked out your site. Im a honda-tech detailer and us detailers nowadays are so underated for the work we do!

two thumbs up bro.
I'm also a detailer on the side although mainly for my own car. In my opinion, you need to get some straight on shots with the sun hitting the panel to prove it's clean.

I did an experiment on this and almost any car can look great in the shade after a good wash/quick wax. Getting it in the sun for the pictures proves that you can remove the swirl marks and imperfections in paint....especially on a black car.

This is a Mustang I did awhile back. When I examined the car in the shade it looked pretty good and I didn't think it would take much work.

When throwing it in the sun or under the halogen lights though, this is what I found


During the detail I took some 50/50 shots


Then after the detail get some shots under the lights and in the sun to show the final outcome



I've found these before/inprogress/after shots to be extremely useful to show customers what can be done with their vehicle and really helps show off how good of a detailer you are. Hope these ideas help.
ahh very nice, you mean something like this?


After Wash:

After (in reflection of bright light with no wax :)):
Yup. Just like that. I'm always impressed when a detailer knows how to remove defects and can show the pictures to prove it. I'm amazed at how many bad detailers there are out there. You do good work.
tsk tsk no halogen's after the polish!??

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