Does the middle work?


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Jun 19, 2009
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In your dreams!
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Is the stem too centered in this shot? Should I crop out more of the stem? Any other C&C......
If you could post the original.
If this is the original, I would retake the shot, I think it's too busy and there isn't a real WOW factor just yet.
I would put the stem a little further to the right or left which ever you prefer. Check out Rule of Thirds on wiki or google. Even check out a book on it.
I think she knows all about the rule of thirds which is why she asked if, in this case, breaking that rule works. In my opinion it does.
As to whether you should crop it, I think if you want more of an abstract photo I would crop it much tighter to just the portion that is in focus. Or I would leave it as it is. In both cases I think I might increase the saturation a bit.
I'm sure you have more experience than I do, so do as you wish with my advice.
I appreciate everyone's point of view!! I would never think I was above hearing someone's advice. :sexywink: You never know what cool ideas are out there floating around in someone elses head. And yes I understand the RoT......=)
Thanks for the comments........I might post a tighter cropped version and see what people think.
I like this image. I think that a little adjustment to the white balance and a touch of sharpen would give it a little more "POP".

Yes, I downloaded it and tried it (using Gimp I did an Auto White Balance and then enhanced the sharpness by 10 (twice so 20) then immediately deleted it...
You know... in the case of someone with "IT IS NOT OKAY TO EDIT MY PHOTOS" in their profile... it's probably better to not say this at all. :er:

Or you could just do as requested and not edit the image... or just ask permission if need be... :greenpbl:

You are right... and to the OP... I apologize.
It's cool brother!! :sexywink: No worries!!
I think this picture is beautiful! This would be amazing on a canvas, and hung on the wall!

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