Does this idea work? Proof of concept photo


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Aug 27, 2012
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Orlando, FL
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I did a search for car long exposures and of course everything that I could find is a night photo.

Then I got to thinking, what if I could shoot a daylight car long exposure photo?

Of course the reason being if you shoot a daylight long exposure, you will only have a short period of time before the photo will be blown out.

Bring in a ND filter and you have a starting point. However when I tried to shoot this is bright daylight, everything was still getting blown out, even with the filter. This is a ND8 filter. However I will be getting a ND10 filter, to give me a better chance of getting a little longer exposure.

I wanted to test my idea and hone in my settings, because my goal is to get this photo on an empty road with autumn leaves on the ground.

I am posting this so I can see if this idea seems interesting to anyone else, also to see what you think would make the photo interesting, and to get any general feedback or tips on how to do this.

So do you think there is a cool photo somewhere within this idea?

Shot with the D5300 and sigma 18-35 1.8 A lens.

Sounds cool to me. Maybe stack a couple filters to lengthen exp time??
I think its a cool thing.
Do you like photo 1 better since you can see the car or photo 2 better?

I think it's a neat idea!

I'm not really liking #2. I see the car going in reverse in that shot... I'd rather see the car.
I like seeing the car in the shot...agreed it looks like it's going in reverse. Maybe try the same shot with the car actually going in give the illusion that it's going forward? I suppose the reverse lights may mess that up though. I like the concept's a cool shot.
when i look at #1, I see a stationary car sitting on the side of the road and another that's been PSed in and warp speed trails applied to it.
^Hmmm...maybe I should add in a photo with smoke coming from the back tires.
Don't forget the flames!
If Braineack is right then in describing the method than the uniqueness is gone. But I would say the first one is better I would incorporate the 2 cars.
I am right, because that's exactly what it looks like to me.
The 1st shot would be better if the car on left was not there.

the 2nd shot simply looks like a car drove by in the background.

The first shot might be better to you if the car on the left wasn't there , but not what I was going for. There are plenty of photos with a car in motion, but not any that I could find like my photo.
i guess it help to know exactly what youre going for.

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