Does this look odd?


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Aug 26, 2010
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Give me any help you have for this one.

inspire-me, I hate to be rude ... but why not post all the shots in one thread, especially since they are from the same shoot. Just number them, and people will CC them per number (BUT, don't put more than 5 in a opening post).

Also, these wouldn't happen to be for a school photography class project .. would they? lol
Yes it looks odd. The expression looks fake. She's also slightly off center which looks like an accident, not on purpose.
not for a school class. Just recently got into photography and seeing what I can learn. I am new to any forums. I have been doing them singley because I am editing them inbetween reading the comments made on my photos. It helps me in the editing of the next photo sometimes since it is all so new. Thanks for the constructive criticsism though.

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