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Nov 30, 2007
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This is a photo of my daughter, Reign.

Somewhere along the line, she's picked up the nick-name "RED". Sure her hair, eyebrows and skin are a little different. But "RED" come on?

Anyway, this is my attempt at capturing her on camera. Is it okay? CC always welcome.

It is okay to edit!!
Another Red "X"! Sorry people....I don't know what I'm doing wrong here.
If you are using photobucket, copy and paste the very last line of code, the one that says IMG into the post and the image should appear.

I can see why they call her Red. :) This is a very cute shot. The thing that jumps out at me first is the focus seems to be more on the hand under her chin than her eyes. I would also either crop tight enough to hide the nail polish on her other hand or remove it in photoshop if you have it. Really nice lighting though.
;)Thanks for the technical support..I'll give it try. What other site can I upload pictures from besides Photobucket?
And as for the fingernails, I think that I'll take your advice.
Your welcome. :) I've always used photobucket. I've seen others use flickr and imageshack. I just did a google search and photolava and webshots popped up.
i'm just an amateur oogling some of the photos over here on the 'professional side'... i like the lighting, i like her head position, but her right hand looks very awkward. I also agree comment on the focus being more on her chin rather than her eyes\face. just my two hardly experienced cents.

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