dog shots

A wide angle lens was used at its closest focusing distance.

It could well be a certain type of lens, but i'd assume the key point is where the photo is taken from. For something like that you'd want to be very close to the subject, and in turn would need quite a wide angle lens i guess.

I'm by no means certain, but the nose is large relative to the size of the dogs head, and because the distance between the nose and main part of the head is only small, the distance from lens to nose should be short.

In contrast, you'd get nice and close with a 200mm stood a bit away, but the compression would be much more natural.

Not sure though, someone else will probably give you a better explanation. :)
That looks like a fisheye lens. For Nikon you can get their 10.5mm fisheye which I have (for DX bodies). I don't think Canon has an EF-S fisheye, but I know Sigma is coming out with one.
I think if it were fisheye, it would have a different, more distorted around look. This looks like the Dog's nose is bigger then the rest is all. I'd say probably done with a 14mm lens at closest distance. I have a 16mm and can get pretty close results to this, so I'm sure a 14mm would be spot on.
what about using photoshop to get that effect-possibly the liquefy tool?
I'm not as good at photoshop as I wish I were. I'm sure you could do that in photoshop...I'll have to check out this liquefy tool.

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