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Sep 19, 2007
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I'm probably thinking about this too much, but my business right now is called Nicholas Forret Photography at At the time, I thought Nicholas sounded more professional, but in recent months, I'm thinking it might be better to just go with Nick Forret Photography. Easier to spell, makes me sound more easy going, etc.

Again, I'm probably over thinking it (I do a lot). Though, if Nick Forret Photography does sound better, then I should probably change my domain name to

Any thoughts? I know it's simple, and it seems like I'm just over-complicating things, but my business is only just now picking up, and I want to make sure I'm comfortable with the name for the rest of my life, lol. :mrgreen:
Personally, I do like the longer name. In general, I find it's better to sound slightly more formal (and be a cool dude) than to sound more informal (and have people assume you're always that informal).

This will also sound like a detail, but as a teacher (college math), I have my students call me David. Not Mr. Clark (or Dr. Clark), but also not Dave -- that's a bit too informal. That extra syllable really does make a difference.
If things are starting to go well for you then don't change the name. Brand is everything and if you start to confuse your followers, and prospective referrals, to think that you're actually someone else then you're practically starting from square one in some ways.
For $6/year it's worth registering more than a few domain names and doing a 301 Permanent Redirect after indexing to the one you like the best - the one you use on your cards. This way, if you meet someone informally and introduce yourself as "Nick Forret" all of your bases are covered when they get home and google your name.

Personally I like the URL you have and would redirect other similar names there including misspellings if you have $60 or so/year to spend on domain registrations.

I have a few other articles on my site on SEO and branding your business you might want to check out.

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