Donating: Nikon 55-200 vr


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Sep 29, 2009
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I just picked up a 70-300 for a little better walk around lens/macro. So I'm donating this 55-200 vr. I don't want to go through selling it and would rather it go to someone that could use it.

Just like Jason's rules, it's FREE to someone who could use it. I'll pay shipping to anywhere in the CONTUS. I can cancel the donation at any time. I don't see why I would, but should throw that in, just in case.

If you want it POST IN THIS THREAD, with your gear and why you want/need it.

Comes with lens hood and both caps.

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Very cool of you!
my daughter started getting into photography recently & took her first class last semester. she owns a d3000 w/18-55mm, your lens would make the perfect addition for her - if I qualify pm me thanks
I could use a lens like that :)
I have a Nikon D7000 with a 35mm 1.8G
I have had to sell off most my glass due to a recent lay off by my agency. I was an employee of Two years with King County Metro Transit...
While living the life off unemployed father of two... I have found myself engulfed in the world of photography spending most of my time behind my viewfinder or in front of a computer screen as I wait for a call back.

I would shoot the hell out of that lens.

Thank you
What a nice Guy to donate.Have a Nikon D600 laying around by any chance.:lol:
Not entering as I'm still hoping on that donated 50mm and already own a 18-270, but wanted to say thanks for offering this to members. Really cool!
I have a D3100/D90 with a 55-200 but it's not a VR. I shoot a lot of motorsports and the VR sure would help. If I got this lens I'll donate my current 55-200.
I have a d5100 with just the standard kit lens. I am a broke military member still working on paying off my camera, and like the post above, i shoot a lot of motorsports where this type of lens would come in very handy.
I'm going to let this thread run for about a week and then make a choice.
I understand I just joined the forum and dont have a lot of posts, I have a D5100 and only the basic lens. I do a lot of automotive photography and would love to have this. Regardless of who gets it I appreciate what youre doing for other enthusiusts. This is a cool thread.

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