Don't zoom, Move.


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Sep 9, 2006
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A good tutorial on getting the most out of a zoom lens.

The same thing can be done if you have a selection of prime lenses as well.
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The overall point is good, and everybody should indeed do that hands-on themselves, if you haven't before.

But I'm not a huge fan of the video. He spends 90% of his time making us sit there and watch him walk around, spending all of the time that should have been spent explaining rules of thumb about the various things that changing position will do. The viewer already knows what "walk closer" and "walk further away" mean without painstaking visual demonstration. More specifics and diagrams of DOF and perspective instead.

His adorable mannerisms and voice make it hard to stay annoyed for long, though <3 <3
He has some great videos i just started watching them about a week ago, great for those of us who are a bit oblivious, have you seen the one about flash lighting where he explains it using a garden hose and then turns the hose on his model?
It's a GREAT video. Experienced photographers begin to think of lenses less in terms of "focal length" and more in terms of "angle of view".

Half of getting a good shot is "knowing where to stand". Never use a "zoom" lens as a substitute for walking. Use a zoom lens to select the best "angle of view" for the shot.
Great video, bad title!

Zoom AND move.

Moving changes the relationship of objects in the frame, zooming changes the crop. "Zoom with your feet" is good advice to a neophyte to break their feet loose from the ground, but it becomes bad advice after a while. Managing the relationship of objects in the frame is perhaps more important, but getting the crop right is as well.

(Says the guy who never puts a zoom lens on his camera, and generally shoots with a lens chosen at random..)
I was afraid the presenter was going to drop dead before the end of the video.
Hey yar that's plenty amazing with massive interesting sharing. Appreciated to see this video, title isn't enough good but meaningful. Thanks for showing this.

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