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Feb 16, 2006
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This yucca growing in a garden on the High Street at Boston, Lincolnshire, appealed for the way the actual plant is in front of the white building, the shadow falls on the brick building, and the image is bisected by the join of the two buildings, giving a positive/negative effect. If that makes any sense at all :wink:.


For more info go to:

OMG, what a great eye you had to see this! I really really like how you captured that positive/negative image.
Thanks Antarctican. Images like this probably aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I find one every now and then that catches my eye. I suppose it's a bit like this one that I posted last June:

Both of them are really interesting! Great job
Wow, the second one is cool too! You lined the shadow up perfectly with the actual steps! Good stuff.
Thanks for the further comments on this shot and its "brother". I guess the older shot is the better of the two. The first one, someone said, looks like the buildings have been shot with paintball guns. Hmmm :grumpy:.

Regards, Tony
Not to downplay either photo because they are both great, but I find the first one takes it a step further. It's not only a positive/negative or shadow, symetric, but it's actually, positive/native with the backgrounds too!

I really like them both, but the first one is really an interesting picture. I like it a lot.
Thanks Lorielle & Shibby. Yes, Lorielle, the background on the first shot was a real bonus, and added something. The Escher-like confusion of the second one was what drew me, and I converted to b&w to emphasise that quality.

Regards, Tony

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