Downtown Ann Arbor Mi.

Brian L

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Nov 4, 2007
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I went out last night with a friend to do some shooting. I wanted to get some long exposures of the traffic. These three are my favorite. Would like to here what you think. Thanks.

Shot with the canon 28-70mm L series Lens.
F22 at 20 and 30 second shutter iso 100 canon 10d.




Thanks for looking.
I like 1 and 3 the best. The people in number 1 are interesting - were they standing still throughout the whole exposure? I like the 'transparent' car as well. Number 3 has a real sense of movement - I found myself leaning to the left as I studied it. Again the transparent car is interesting, this time with indicator flashes as it turns left. Nicely done, thanks for sharing.

Actually, I'd vote for #2. The curves of the headlights compliment the lines of the public art very nicely. The other two just have too many distracting elements for me. #2 is very clean
Thank you both for the input on the pictures.

Number one I believe the the people might have shown up a few second later as well as the car since its a ghost. I think in number 3 I did not check the level of my cheap I see that it maybe leaning to the left as well now that you mentioned it. As for number 2 I see your point on going with the curves of the art work around the public there. When I was taking the shot I was hoping to get the cars turning but not to compliment the art work around. Looks like I got both in your case.

Glad to share. Thanks again for your feedback on the shots.

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