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Drive My Purple Monster


I want MORE!!
May 19, 2005
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Manitoba, Canada
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OK....more shots from my 2 yr old slide film I just got processed.
Kodak E100VS slide film.




comments welcome of course :D
Very nice - I love the colors. the composition on the 2nd one is not so interesting, but the first one especially is really cool - very "extreme" feeling.
ooooh boy jon! these are awesome! i LOVE the saturation you've got with the slide film.. wow! beautiful colors... the colors are just so delicious :lol:
love the pov in the first, nice abstract quality of that second, and love the dof in the third!
great series :D
:biglaugh:@the title
im still drooling over the colors :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
must get back to some slide :lovey:
I love the first and the third shots. The pov is spectacular. The mottled colors of the paint are very, very tastey. I like the concept of the second shot, but it seems just a bit off center.
thanks chris...the extremity is from my 17-40 set @ 17mm. :)

mansi......:D glad you like these...drool all u want baby ;) :biglaugh: thanks for the great comments:D

siorai...glad you enjoyed the taste of these...now you mention it the centre one is a bit off. thank you :thumbsup:
the colour is just awsome in these jon, i like the lot of em :thumbup:
these rock jon, I love the angle in the first one, and the colors...well the colors are amazing.
I'm going to go buy some slide film once I finish all my B&W assignments. The colours and compositions are amazing, JonK. Nice shots!
nice series... really love the first one - I agree with everyone regarding the color!
How can I not view a thread with this title? I particularly like the last one. I like the sense that this thing goes REALLY fast, or did at one time. Just ask the bug.

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