Drop-dead gorgeous bride


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Oct 19, 2012
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Littleton, Colorado
Do you agree?

Very much so
Simply gorgeous. Not pulling any thing like that off my camera from this weekend.
very nice! but yes.. byebye hand i think lol thats hilarious.
Ha, Robin! Great shot but I also noticed the hand. I was trying to figure out what the chick was doing...hehe
The bride looks great. How much of this is because she's surrounded by less attractive people and objects I cannot judge. Most of it has nothing to do with the photographer, but I do wish the tangle of wires under the table with the flowers was gone, and that should be a quick clone job.

The walls? I dunno, I think they sort of set the scene. We are looking through to what is beyond? The carpet, arrrg. Etc.

Great job managing the color palette, though. It's all pulled together beautifully, and somehow we don't notice how unappealing the room is and how, well, less gorgeous than the bride everyone else in the room is. Bridesmaid's dresses. Whatcha gonna do?

And you kept the detail in the dress!
50% of this picture is non-contributory wall or ceiling

I disagree. The walls and ceiling offer a unique view and framing of subjects. Great shot OP. Only thing that bothers me is the walls are slightly distorted. Easily corrected though.

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