Durham Cathedral II - B&W

Discussion in 'General Gallery' started by ahelg, Dec 13, 2006.

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    Here is another B&W photograph I took at Durham cathedral. Personally, I don't really like it all that much, but some friends have said they liked it. So what do you people think? Personally I feel the light is way to harshe.


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    Well, I have seen the first and liked that one a whole lot better than this. So I tend to agree with you in saying it is not quite as good. When you take a photo of a cathedral you want to capture its architecture (in most cases that is) and its detail. And this photo taken right against the light does not give you the opportunity. The sun glare takes away ever so much from the structure of the cathedral. I do see why the little sun burst might be intriguing to some, but all in all I find the building too dark.

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