Durst M605 Colour Enlarger (Manual or Instructions)

Discussion in 'The Darkroom' started by hojamohoho, Mar 16, 2004.

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    Jul 6, 2003
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    I was just wondering if anyone could pass on or let me know where i could find a manual or instruction booklet for a Durst M605 Colour Enlarger. I've recently obtained this particular enlarger along with a Beseler PM4L Colour analyser. Having minimal darkroom experience i thought it might be good to get my hands on a manual or something to tell me more about both of these items.

    If you have something that you could email just send me a message or post here and i'll get in contact with you. Otherwise any books or websites that you might think usefull would be much appreciated...


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    Jul 7, 2003
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    Portland OR USA

    I found mine online using google (it's an omega), but I didn't find anything on your model. I did see a couple diff durst ones on ebay, so maybe that model will come up too.

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