dust on my pictures


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May 11, 2006
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okay i tryed takeing a HDR and there was dust anf messed my pic up, i blew out most of it but there still is on spec that i cant get out any help, i have a d70, i mirror locked and checked the mirror and nothing on the sensor
If you definately can't see it (try using a maginfier) then it could be a pixel failure.

However it's more than likely to be a dust speck, I'd get hold of 20x loupe and try again. It could easily be smaller than most eyes can detect unaided.

"out damn spot" good luck

PopPicker outmanouvered me again [is that how you spell outmanouver?] He/she is right, there is no way you can check visually if there is dust or whatever on the chip. Take a shot, if any problems with dust, it will show on the image. muck on the mirror will have no effect.
philip. www.philipweirphotography.com

I had a similar (possibly exact) same problem. A giant smudge on all my pictures. I went to a "repair shop" and the guy cleaned the sensor in about 30 minutes for $30.

Find your local outlet and you should be set.

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