Dynatran tripod.


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Aug 24, 2007
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So I finally sniped one of the Dynatran (amvona.com) tripods off ebay. I must say, for the price it is really sturdy and feels pretty quality. It is pretty heavy (about 10 lbs), but the height is good and again, this thing is pretty damn sturdy. The legs aren't the best quality, but I opted to get a ball head, and it feels extremely well made. Everything fits perfectly and it has big rubber coated knobs. As far as I can tell, the camera doesn't move at all on this thing and my images are sharp as can be.

The only problem I've had is that some of the nuts needed to be tightened a little bit. The quick releases on the legs were a little loose, but a turn or two of the nuts holding them together and they work perfectly. Overall I'm pretty happy and would recommend one of these to anyone, especially at the price. I got mine for $32 shipped.
Thanks for the review.

I have a Dynatran Background stand, which is pretty solid.

I have heard that their tripods are not the greatest...but for the price I guess you can't complain.
i got one off ebay, cheap as hell if u get lucky. it will definetly weigh you down though, but if u want a solution for that buy a 500 dollar carbon fiber tripod.

ill stick with my 60 dollar dynatran for now

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