Early Morning Walk- C & C please

Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by jansch, Mar 20, 2010.

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    1) I was very careless. Using a Canon 450D, I didn't check my ISO, and it was at 1600... :grumpy: Too much noise I reckon.

    Focal length- 55mm, f- 5.6, SS- 1/5.

    It doesn't look very sharp; out of focus, but I'm pretty sure I focused alright. I guess its because it was hand-held at 1/5 second, or the high ISO. What do you guys reckon? What could I have done differently?


    2) This one's taken at f-3.5, SS- 1/6, ISO 1600 again :grumpy:.. I totally forgot about the ISO, didn't even try any other combination, but I reckon since it was dark other combinations would've given me a slower shutter speed. Anyway, I really can't tell anything about this- can't say whether I like it, or whether I don't like it. What do you guys think?


    3) Again, the ISO's 1600 here. f- 3.5, SS- 1/5. And again, I'm not sure what to say about this one- All I can say is none of these feel right- don't know why.


    Like some other poster said, please be harsh.

    Thanks :)

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    with #1, the main issues are that you used such a slow shutter speed and hand held... I definitely see the noise here as well...

    Not really sure how I feel about the other 2, but again, i see the noise :/

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