Eastern Screech Owl


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Apr 14, 2006
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Maple Grove, Quebec, Canada
This is my first post. This was a difficult image to get right in the post processing, cause the owl was in shadow and the tree had very bright sunlight.

taken with a 500mm f4, tc-17e, nikon f100, fill flash and Fuji Sensia 100 FILM!


Oooooo, nice shot of the owl Scott. Welcome to the forum, and let's see more of your images.
cool shot Mr. Owl!! Ya Airic, I bugged Scott to come here to a real forum! Scott is a very talented photog, and we will really enjoy his stuff for sure! I have spent some time getting to know Scott, and he is a really cool dude..
He recently did a heron shot and article in Nature Photographers magazine.. I will be looking to subscribe to this mag soon.

Welcome to TPF Scott!
Ah, welcome a second time over to ThePhotoForum, and thank you Ray for bringing Scott here. So there will be just one more very good bird photographer around to make me pale in shame with my humble attempts at getting our little garden birds into the frame... but I can live with that, I am strong :confused: !!!

Joking apart, this is a very good photo here, given the circumstances that you describe, Scott, and my method of taking photos would not have allowed me to get to this result, apart from the fact that this owl would have been a tiny spec in a huge frame with me, and before I'd have crept in closer --- zoomed in would end at 300mm with me --- it would have flown away. Birds do that to me.
welcome to tpf scott, you started off with a bang, this is a great shot... can't wait to see more! :thumbup:

Welcome to the Forum (from another Noob!)
This is an excellent shotl...I agree with LaFoto,
by the time I would have crept close enough to get
this picture the bird would have flown the coop!
Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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