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edgar the toad, i would love some c&c


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Oct 4, 2009
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i found this toad in my grass and snapped a shot with my 70-200 f4 and some extension tubes. there was no flash.


this is just a random picture i would love some c&c on. its uneditted


another flower i would love some c&c on


Edgar is cute! And I like how you flopped onto your belly with all your gear to take his photo from HIS perspective. Nicely sharp. Maybe a bit much of foreground grass, but since he's likely to hide in the grass, it seems to be quite fitting.

The rose leans to the wrong side of the photo - well at least that was my IMMEDIATE impression. Something tells me that moving further to the left, making use of that reddish twig behind the rose might have helped composition. Of course, I don't know what was there on the left and if moving the camera left would have been a good option?

Focus on that passion flower (?) is good, however I feel it is too tightly cropped. None of the surrounding petals is inside the frame. But that approach could be considered too old-fashioned or too unimaginative, maybe? Like letting us see the whole flower?
yeah i agree with you on number two i could have moved left.

number three is a clematis and i liked it tight in like that because i was really trying to focus on the center of the flower. i couldn't really fit the whole flower in the frame either because the ground was directly below it, and it was not a very good picture.
I like the toad picture. It is really cute :) The rose, however, might need to be sharpened a little bit on the stems to bring them out a little bit more as well. But if that is how the picture was intended to look...I don't see nothing wrong with it.

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