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Sep 30, 2010
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I'm a relatively new to the world of photography, and I'm not much of an editor, but I saw a couple of photos that a friend had edited, and they intrigued me. I was wondering how the effect was done. I've asked her, but she was kind of confusing with her explanation. I know she used Photoscape fas her editor, but that's all I can remember..

The picture, it's of her with a "clone" of her beside her? She has virtually no lines done in the crop out and I'm just curious as to the steps she might have taken to do it?

Thanks guys..

I can't upload the pictures because A) They're on Facebook, meaning they'd be horribly hard for me to upload here, and B) I don't have permission to put them up here, and I don't know what'd she'd be comfprtable with.

Why don't you go to the image on facebook, right click the image, click "Copy Image URL" or whatever, and then link it here. Don't post the full image to the forum. But a link is fine.
Er, you're on the right track... What browser are you using? Internet Explorer? Chrome? FireFox? I know its easy to access with chrome and Firefox.

When you have the right link, you'll know because it will end with ".jpg"
I'm using internet Exlporer. I can save it to my pictures?
Right click the image, go to properties, select the link in the window, copy it, and then paste it here. That should work.

If anything, avoid using internet explorer. It's a terrible browser.
Here's the link from the window.


That said, I'm not entirely sure on how to make it into a picture on here..

Sorry, I'm kind of computer challenged...
Tried that rpm. You'd have to log into my facebook to see it. You'd need to be friens with her..

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