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Sep 22, 2015
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What does everyone use? I use photoshop a lot with my underwater photos, great at fixing blemishes, etc, but I am still learning topside to adjust color, etc. What do you all use?

I thought in the past I heard most people used lightroom.
I use Lightroom to manage all the images and perform the vast majority of adjustments (even blemishes). It's rare that I need to take an image into Photoshop.
I use both lightroom and photoshop.
Portraits always go to Photoshop 1st for frequency separation and some imperfections removal.
I then export to light room for other adjustments.
Some pics I edit only in lightroom - like landscapes and some car shots :)

I start with Lightroom for RAW conversion and global edits, then move on to Photoshop for final edits which, for me, can be quite extensive and involved, or just re-size, sharpen and output to whichever medium is warranted, depending.
Photoshop CC 2105
Photoshop Lightroom CC 2015
Imagenomic's Noiseware Pro.
hdrSoft's Photomatix
Topaz Lab's stuff
OnOne's stuff
Nikon ViewNX 2
Faststone Image Viewer
and more not popping immediate to mind.
Premiere. I use all kinds of different footage: DSLR, Red, C300 - and Premiere can edit them all immediately and without any rendering.

Also: close integration with Photoshop and After Effects.:02.47-tranquillity:
I use Bridge for initially handling into folders and renaming photos then go into Photoshop CC(2015). I'm finding that I frequently use the "Camera Raw" filter for even jpg's in Photoshop and then use more power as needed.
I'm not doing any large commercial shoots anymore or would probably us Lightroom more but I like having the flexibility of doing whatever I want with photos and not having to use Lightroom only. Using folders and file names works OK for what I do now.
I hate sitting at the computer with my photos. I don't sell photos so I'm not looking for a lot of what others here would need.

Often, I simply resort to Picasa for basic needs.

If there is more to be done, I use Lightzone; A quick review of the LightZone Photo Editor

It's freeware and it is as comprehensive as you care to make it;

It includes a history of your editing procedure.

It is not for anything more than rudimentary file management.
Lightroom CC (2015) & Photoshop CC(2015)
Shot some raw files at the Two Tails elephant rescue here in Florida yesterday and decided to try to use Lightroom again. Found it doesn't deal with Nikon raw files! Couldn't believe it, thought I must be doing something wrong but no it doesn't. They do provide a FREE raw(nef) to dng converter program if you know to ask but that's a pain. Bridge does raw with no special effort.
Gimp and Darktable

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Lightroom mostly, Photoshop occasionally and Picassa regularly for printing and sharing
I've edited thousands of NEF files with Lightroom.
Absolutely no problems.


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