EF 17-40L image. is it sharp enough or not? Please òet me nkow you opinion.


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Jan 20, 2012
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Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy
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Hi friends

I am a newbie and I have this EF lens 17-40 recently bought but it doesn't seem to me that sharp as I expected. Or maybe I don't know how to evaluate correctly the sharpness of a lens.:confused:.. My camera is eos 550D. PLease tell me what do you think of this pic I shot from my flat balcony today.
No, uffff..... not this time either. I'll try again to see how I can upload an image. It's the first time so I am in trouble..
I can't upload any img. Can anyone tell me if it might have to do with image size? Shoul I resize it? I've tried to upolad the original size and failed..
Seems pretty sharp to me... but I can't see a 100% crop. If you can also throw up some 100% crops of areas that you think are not sharp, that would also help.
Didn't crop it, Well I uploaded another one for comparison. Now at the beginning when I saw them on the monitor I thought they seemed OK to me but a friend of mine who has a Nikon said he thinks that they are not that sharp as they had to be. He said that that lens is somehow soft which made me feel sick because I paid a lot for it. So I'd like to know more of other people's opinions.
I understand you didn't crop it... But in order for us to gauge the sharpness of a lens, we'd need to see a 100% crop. The details are very hard to see when it's resized to flickr size.

Or, you can email me the full resolution JPEG or CR2 (if you shot raw) and I'll look it over. If you want to email I'll PM you my address.
Ahgrrrrr I see what a you mean, mamma mia what an idiot I am!!! I'll email you the full resolution jpeg file.
I just PMed it to you Miti. Where it says "Notifications" up top, you'll see a "1" next to it. That's my PM to you. :)
I would love to hear the story of how you speak perfect english and live in Italy. I'm just interested because i'm only 1st generation Canadian with my family being from Calabria.
Well, fsquare, to be honest I used to speak 'perfect' only one language , Romanian. I am romanian for now living in Italy for over 10 years. I forgot to speak well Romanian and didn't manage to learn proper the Italian and as as far as the English is concerned I am non that good at all. Love languages anyway..a lot.

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