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Mar 9, 2009
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Went to Egypt for 8 days (lots of fun) and brought along a camera. The purpose of my trip wasn't to take good photos but was to go sight seeing. Please C&C and please don't be too harsh as I'm a complete beginner. Thanks!






I have a couple more online here... I took like 600 photos of which maybe around 60 are actually OK. I only uploaded like 20 of them.
I like the first three best and the second one really stands out. Maybe add a teeny bit more contrast in the first one, but they are lovely. Looks like a wonderful trip.
Nice Photo's. I really want to go to Africa also, but im sure that was a pretty expensive trip. One day, hopefully ill post some pix of Egypt also .lol
3rd and 5th are very cool imo. 3rd looks like something I'd see in an ad of some kind. 2nd has a lot of potential, but somehow isn't working for me... I think you need to crop more aggressively and bring out the detail more (maybe). First one looks like a vacation snapshot, unfortunately. Not terribly interesting, overall. 4th seemed like it would be cool but didn't grab me, personally.

I know, right? Just one more opinion, and totally different from all the others. :)
Thanks for the opinions! It was pretty expensive. I probably could have bought a real camera (I'm still using a point and shoot I got for free) if I didn't go! The trip cost me about 2000 USD (a bit less actually) for 8 days. For everything (including transportation, taxes, visas, meals, etc). It was worth it though.

All the photos I uploaded are unedited. I'll probably edit them and upload more photos this weekend. I've actually never tweaked any of my photos before... But I tried it (I downloaded gimp) this morning and cropping+tweaking them made them look a lot better!

I didn't like #1 that much. I think it would have been much better if I took with a Holga and a fish eye lens. And it does look better with more contrast.

#2 turned out surprisingly well. And it would look good in HDR but I can't control aperture or exposure times on my camera.

#3. I saw the bar and I knew that I had to get this shot. It took me like 10 minutes of trying over and over again to get teh camera to focus on the bar like that though (I can't control focus either).

I'm a little dissapointed. #4 was one of my favorate shot! Some of the churches in Egypt were amazing.

#5 was also one of my favorates. It looks better when the saturation is higher though.. The raw image is a little bland.
#3 and #5 are very cool and just different from average travel pictures. I like them much!
The second one is the best, none of the others do anything for me.

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