Sep 15, 2015
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I photographed this Elephant bull in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. Kruger is a great place to photograph Elephants as they are used to cars and they will come all the way up to the car and be really relaxed around them. This gives people a great opportunity to get great close up shots of them.
I played a bit with the light of this picture and like the result, what do you think of it?

Male elephants are often found alone or in little groups of male Elephants as when they reach maturity they will get kicked out of the breeding herd by the matriarch. A matriarch is the female leader of a herd. Usually she will be the oldest and wisest Elephant and she will take the desicions for the herd till she dies. After that, most of the time, it will be her oldest daughter that will become the new matriarch.

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Have a nice day!

Nice shot, I also have few elephant bull shots from my trip to Kruger a few years ago. I would prefer a little more saturation in this shot, but that is personal taste.
Very nice! My favorite critter.
Nice links to all three of your photo sites.
I love the texture going all the way down the body. Nice shot
Why did you cut off part of the trunk? It leaving the photo and coming back in again is annoying. Also, you can't see how it places the leaves in its mouth so it looks like the leaves were just stuck there on the photo. Why is the elephant looking at a leopard? You really should eliminate the watermark. It's very distracting. The sharpness and clarity are nice and I like the way its ears spread out.
Amazing creature but I thought similar to Alan about the trunk. I still love it

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