1. Anorda Photography

    Hello, wedding photographer Nick here

    Anorda Photography is a husband and wife wedding photography team that are passionate about preserving memories for generations to come. Sam and Nick strive to build true friendships with each of their couples because they feel as though it is the only way to genuinely capture a couple’s love...
  2. P

    Cheap Photographers are undercutting the price in our local area.

    Hello! I'm posting this on behalf of my wife. She has been a photographer for several years now, specializing in pet photography. Up until now, she has seen success in maintaining a blog and a Facebook group. There have been a few new photographers pop up over the years so the market is tight...

    Fresh Blood

    Hi you guys, Just a quick message to say hi! I'm a UK based landscape photographer, with a special interest in dramatic seascapes. I've been "snap happy" for as long as I can remember, but it's only been a few short years that I've actually taken this hobby a little more seriously. I'm self...
  4. jooiwah

    Sharing of wedding photo taken in Penang Park Royal Hotel.

    Sharing of Actual Day Wedding @ Penang Park Royal Hotel 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
  5. JulieMontgomery

    PTPA!: How can I know if a baby photographer is the right one to hire?

    PTPA!: My husband and I are having our first baby, and it’s my due next month. One of our plans after I give birth is to have a photo session for our baby. We already asked some of our relatives if they can recommend anyone, but we got none at the moment. So I searched on the Internet and...
  6. HPstudios

    Greetings From Portland OR

    Hi Forum Members. I've been a Pro (getting paid) photographer for about 6 years and love the craft. Currently getting back into film, for fun. I'd love to get to know peeps here and help if I can and share what I know. Happy Shooting everyone! Hayes
  7. Mchedgerphotography

    Photography- promoting

    Hey there everyone! So I have been dabbling in photography and now that I have everything together I’m looking to actually make it into a business! Now, I need some help with the marketing aspect because I get TONS of hits VIA Facebook, craigslist but most of them fall through! I don’t post a...
  8. bweitznerphoto

    Insurance Scam - PPA... Help?!

    Hello everyone! I'm a photographer and have a big problem, I'm hoping some of you can help me. I was born in Ohio and moved to Miami after college for a job. After working there I decided I wanted to purse photography, my long time hobby (I had a darkroom since the age of 12) as a career. I...
  9. onurozer

    What is your opinions about photos at my website?

    Hi, What is your opinions about photos at my website? website : Onur ÖZER
  10. M

    Looking for the real picture, please take a look.

    Hello, i am new here, i didn't know if it was the right place to post that thread but here i go: I made a painting years ago when i was 12 years old for art class, as the teacher asked it had to be based on a given photograph (probably shot by a famous photograph). After that i hanged it on a...
  11. Ewa Żala photography

    Hello everyone on this forum

    Co sądzisz o tym zdjęciu? Jak utworzyć ten sam? My web Fotograf Gdańsk Ewa Zala | Fotografia ślubna | Fotografia artystyczna
  12. VincentPaul

    Hello everyone!

    Hi my name is Vincent I am a photographer in the DC area. I've been shooting for about 5 years now collectively and after a few months away, photography and I have recently gotten back together. I currently own a Canon Rebel T3 which I will be upgrading to my first full frame camera...
  13. jooiwah

    Wedding Portrait Works @ Penang by Jooi Wah Photography

    Hi sharing of my pre wdding works taken in Penang. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  14. E

    Product photography background - suggestions?

    Hi everyone, I'm seeking to re-create the background shown in the two photos below. Obviously they are just shoes laid out on a concrete floor. However, unfortunately I don't have any indoor concrete floors at my home or work space. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to recreate...
  15. jooiwah

    Sharing of Wedding Shots @ Penang Jen Hotel

    Sharing of Actual Day Wedding @ Penang Jen Hotel. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  16. D

    How I Became a Photographer

    Hey folks, I've met a lot of people on here who are anxious about learning more, or who are worried they won't make it as a photographer. I've met a lot of people who are hungry for more, and looking forward to what the future holds. And of course I've met a ton of pros who've been in the game...
  17. ShaneMcCormick

    Hello all!

    Just found this forum and am excited to check it out! I'll see all of you around!
  18. 1

    Photography Apparel - Would you wear this on a shoot??

    Would you wear this on a photo shoot??? Need opinions please. Thank you in advance! ;) Trust me im a photographer Please do not post images to which you do not hold rights. You may post a link.
  19. jooiwah

    Pre Wedding Works @ Ipoh, Sepetang and Penang by

    Sharing of my pre wedding works. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  20. pedropcruz

    [Apresentation] Pedro Cruz

    Hello guys from Portugal! I'm Pedro Cruz, from Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal! I have 24 years old, and i love coding, design and photograph! My hobbies are chill out with my friends, smile everyday, have funs with animals, learning, and have a lot of more, and i can't remember now :P I have a...