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May 16, 2007
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Nice! I've only been to NYC once, but Empire State Building is the first place I wanted to go. Great building.
Thank You. I grabbed this frame from out in the north river. The light was good so I stood on the bow and braved the freezing cold for an hour wile getting a few city scapes.
andy warhol would have approved :) I like it
that's cool, good job
Great capture! It really does stand out. I like the B&W treatment.
Very good choice of B&W application. The angle of view is very nice too. Congratulations.
Whoa. That black sky.
Which filter brought it about like this? (I keep forgetting ... I usually just play with the sliders moving them to their max position this way and that way and another way ... until I am where I like to be in the process of the conversion).

Ah well, so many new NYC pics showing up here just now ... they create a longing inside of me. In April, it will have been three years (!) ago that I went (for the first and so far only time in my life). I wish I could go back...
Thanks Everyone. It was the blue filter mostly. I converted this in photoshop just as you described Lafoto. I did not like the noise as this one is for a client that wants poster size print 16 x 24 . I started over and did the conversion in .raw with CS3. Same results in looks but much better when enlarged. I will be trying a new to me paper that is ment for true B&W

Cheers DeadEye
nice. i have never seen a photo on the empire building from that angel. but a very nice B&W

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