Epson V500 negative scanner on sale -130$ at


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Jan 25, 2010
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Since the V600 is out for a while now. The V500 dropped from 229 CND to 95$ CND at bestbuy online only deal.
i verified the american website and its still around 200$...

its a really nicest scanner for the ones who shoot film for fun and and would like to scan negatives themself, restore picture
I though of buying this since my mother has like a full box of old old familly pictures and tons of negatives that she doesnt even know whats on them.

difference between the V600 ?
pretty much nothing really. It has digital ice built in software for Print AND NEgative. The 500 does negative only but IMO its useless since it probably soften the pictures.

The v500 has the same sensor. Scan 6400 x 9600 dpi for up to 17X22 enlargment!
reviews are also good.
just to let everyone know.

I received the scanner yesterday and it does an excellent job! i was really suprise at the quality.
i did compared the scan i got from the devlopper and my scan and my scan are larger. basicly same color/contrast but with alot more dush hahaha

the only problem i got so far is the dust control on my negatives before scanning them. thanks god photoshop exist!

Ill probably get some negative cleaner and static free clothes and gloves.

for 100 $ its was an excellent buy! It costed me 15 bucks to get 2 roll of 24 scanned at a local shop REALLY?

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