Equality March San Diego

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    I didn't get to post these in July since I was getting ready to move. It was nice getting to document something again, however.

    Penny Bridges, the Very Reverend - also known as the Dean - of St. Paul's Episcopal Cathedral, gives three prayers in support of the Equality March alongside members of her congregation, Sunday, June 11, in San Diego, CA.


    Sue Hartman uses a megaphone to lead protest chants such as, "Love, not hate, makes America great," and to voice criticism of President Donald Trump during the Equality March, July 11, in San Diego, CA.

    Some members of the community were...less enthused...by the march. After taking his photo, I asked this man if I could get his opinion on the march and he gave me a swift, "No you may not."


    Relationships between marginalized communities and law enforcement have gradually become more strained over the past few years. This has led some to ask that police be out of uniform during LGBTQ pride parades.


    Eden Edgecomb and her mother, Emma Edgecomb, march together in the Equality March with signs supporting rights and visibility for transgender individuals, July 11, in San Diego, CA.


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    Nice PJ set!

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