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Jun 3, 2006
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Craiova - RO
In the first 2 ones I used a pretty big zoom... sorry for the inconvenience

1. Budapest The Parliament

2. Budapest by night - TheRoyal Palace

3. Budapest by night - the Chain Bridge over the River Danube –

4. Koln - the Dome

5. Paris - View from the Eiffel Tour (Sacre Coeur)

6. Paris - La Tour Eiffel
I wonder if ever, ever at all, someone will manage to capture the Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom) without some scaffolding somewhere.
Cologne is where I did languages in uni.
Walked past this cathedral every day on my way to the train station!

(I plan to go to Budapest one day! It is a must-see city, I think).

You don't have a tripod?
You handhold your nightphotos?
Cool - but they can then not become all clear, of course.
the problem was in the 2 first ones, as I already said, the zoom and ofcourse the handhold, as you already noticed.
in the 4th one.. yeah.. the towers seems that they are going to merge - I didn't have some correction lens back then, just a HP 735 camera.

I knew that, but I posted them more like some travelling pictures.

thanks for the critics,

anything that doesn't kill me, strenghtens me.

Good luck !!
I am not speaking of distortion.
I find that quite normal and don't mind it too much in photos such as your Photo 4 here myself.
I am speaking of the scaffold half-way up the left tower, which is used for their permanent and never-ending repair works on the sandstone ... seems like this cathedral is NEVER without a scaffold on it somewhere... And I do like the SKY that you captured along with the towers.
aaah, sorry, I was reading your comment in a hurry and having this in my mind... that's the way I understood it. :lol:
Yeah, that's right about the scaffold, but that's the way you will find Notre Dame too in all photos and many more.... :(

two years ago I couldn't take any shoot on the parisian Opera because of the scaffold.

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