Every Day Has A Sunset To Offer....

I feel as if night is falling... (as it is as I speak, only do we only very, very rarely have sunsets like this one!).
And I feel as if it is always the same tree, the one where the crows live, or where they set out to go for their evening 'stroll' - could it be also THE tree close to where YOU live?
Thank you Lafoto.... it was from the premises of Cochin, which is about 200km away from where i live, Calicut.... i was on a photo tour over there... that place had a row of such trees there.... All those images were taken on the same evening

Regards :D
I really like this one! Very well done! :thumbup:
I think if you cropped this a bit tighter and had those branches fill the entire frame you'd have a very strong image. Love the colors!

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