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    So I live in residence at the university I go to, and I'm an RA, which means I am sort of incharge of making sure people don't break the rules. On saturday, me and a few other RA's noticed some guys outside of the building smoking up and drinking (obviously not so legal). SO we went out and asked them for their ID's and they all bolted, but then, being real idiots, two of them came back and tried to get into the building 5 minutes later. We wouldn't let them in and they were being really annoying, trying to break in and ****. So one of the other guys there, knowing that I am a bit of a photog, suggested I go up and grab my camera and take photos of them so we can ID them later. So I go upstairs, grab my camera, come down, and just start snapping shots of them as they are standing in the doorway, they freak out and bolt out of the building. K that was kinda a long story, but it was funny for all of us, so I thought I'd share...


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    Stick it to the man! (you being the man)

    lol jk, good job, I'd let them off... not like they were affecting anyone else, I guess rules are rules tho.

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    I'm with Joerocket on this one - I would've let them off too and told them not to be such idiots when doing **** like that.

    but that is pretty funny that you went, got your camera, and still found them there acting stupid! I bet the look on their faces was classic!

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