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    I was able to download this tool and get tips on how to use it so I've just deleted my inquiries that I had in this post a few moments ago and replaced it with this current statement.
    Sorry for taking up space here but, as a long time lurker of this forum I just want to take the opportunity now to say thanks to the owner and members of this forum for being here because it's a treasure trove of information on photography and has been very helpful to me in answering a lot of questions on this topic.
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    Why the hell did you delete your query?

    That's how other people learn new information. You should realize that, being a long time lurker and all.

    You didn't even share your new found information.

    For others who click on this thread looking for useful information about EXIF tools:

    There are several free EXIF readers on the Internet. Some only read EXIF data but others can both read and write EXIF metadata.

    www.opanda.com is a reader and

    www.photome.de can both read and write EXIF data.

    There are other fields that can accept metadata like contcat information, use license terms, captions and descriptions of the image.

    Check out IPTC data. International Press Telecommunications Council - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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