F/S Nikon Mount Tamron 28-75/2.8 Macro (Built In Motor)

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    Tamron 28-75mm/2.8 Macro for Nikon (Built In Motor)

    Price: $350OBO + Shipping
    Meetups can be arranged if you're located in toronto

    I've had this lens for less than a year, bought it from Aden Camera (store in canada). No scratches on either element, no dust or particles on the inside. Reason for selling is because I picked up a 35/2 and 85/1.8 and i'm looking to pick up a 50/1.4 to complete the set... instead of using a zoom.

    I've taken most of my macro/product/portrait shots with this lens until i picked up the 85/1.8... I'd say the lens is quite versatile.

    Lens Comes With:
    - Box
    - Manual
    - Hood
    - Both Caps

    - "Macro" ability: Close focusing, but no 1:1 magnification... Tamron says its a 1:3.9
    - Constant f/2.8 aperture
    - Sharp... really sharp.
    - Manual Focus Override: can manual focus at anytime, no matter what mode


    Front Element:

    Back Element + Mount

    Sample Photos:


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