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Jun 3, 2008
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I could do better if I had another chance, but I'll take it.
Why has this not got a comment? i love it. there are SO many different expressions here. pensive day dreaming, rapt attention and consideration, omg (no pun) this is a bore, sullen pouting, the joker, what's going on i can't see, and even a bit of a "huh? i dont get it. the colour is nice too, subtle. a beautiful shot.
i can for sure appreciate what's going on in this shot

for some reason i don't really like the colour and i feel some of the faces are too soft
lighting is pretty harsh in spots too

but some REALLY great expressions in there - really tells a story :)
Wyjid, woojiebear, thanks for the comments. Some things in the photo are certainly less than optimum. It's a jpeg I took a year ago when I was still trying to master the basics. I love the range of expressions, though, and I'll take it despite the flaws.
I'm curious about the story behind this photo. What's with the "robes"? Where are these kids and what are they learning? Although the photo isn't technically pleasing, the picture itself captures quite a range of feelings. I like it.
Thanks for the comments, linpelk. This was taken at the 2008 Easter sunrise service at our church. The kids are in the choir at the affiliated day school. My wife and I were playing in the handbell choir near them. I think this was taken during the sermon but I'm not sure of that.

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