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Dec 11, 2006
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Mid-Atlantic US
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At the July 4 parade in Washington, DC.

I love this one!
you may get some "cropped too tight" complaints, but I feel this crop is perfect, and I will explain why.
For me, this is a shot not trying to show a whole "scene", but rather, the man. mid note. (that's how I see it anyway)
any further back, any wider, any more to the side would not have portrayed the mans face and expression as well as it does here. that is where "I" see the focus of this picture anyway.
the color is brilliant, and the DOF is perfect. just plain nailed it. you isolated one person out of a large group and captured a great shot of him while managing to exclude any distracting background elements.
very well done!
Well, we all know the effect that color has on a photo, BW seems so much more somber.

Here, for example, is that same man, just a moment later but the image was shot in portrait and then converted to B&W.
As you can see, a totally different impact.

The first image is spectacular.Great choice for a color photo and the crop IMO works perfectly.The dude pops with great color and sharpness. I like the second shot as well but #1 is my favorite.

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