Family Cemetery

Marc Kurth

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Feb 26, 2009
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Very hard to get access to this place, but I love it:

this is really cool
i love the atmosphere you created and the cross at the upper centre of the picture
nicely done!
even a tighter crop might look good, focusing on the centre cross... just a thought ;)
Funny you should mention that...... I did take a few more images at various angles that day.


Awesome photos. In the last one, is the Headstone engraved into the rock?
now that is a fascinating cemetery, I like the comp of #1 but the strong contrast with blown highlights loses a bit for looks like a very difficult place to get the light right. I like the third image the best, the contrast is well controlled and the comp is good. I love cool cemeteries and this def is one.
Hi Roger,

I appreciate the constructive comments. The original files are much more in range as I tend to meter conservatively, my post work pushed them over.

I'll call it artistic license :) looking for a dreamy/gloomy glow effect because it is a cemetery. Without the "push" the results struck me as too dry.

Thanks again!

Awesome photos. In the last one, is the Headstone engraved into the rock?

Yes it is. Now you've got me curious to see if I have any images of it.....
OOO! there we go! i love the tighter cropped ones :)
the last one with the spooky tree on the right is my fave
what a fantastic place!!! nice work
Thanks, this image probably got more processing than most that I do - in order to get the mood I envisioned when I was there.

Hi Marc - really great subject...Its a cemetery with loads of personality and character..The first shot is my pick of the set.


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