Family Portrait, Military Style, C&C please :)


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Aug 13, 2010
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Shot this by request for my sister and her family. I am not totally satisfied with it. what would you change?

Shot with a D3s and 70-200 at 110 and F5, ISO 800.

Lit with an SB900 a few 600s, and a couple umbrellas.


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I would open their eyes.
Haha wow 2 comments of how to post a pic in the 10 seconds I forgot to :)
I would open their eyes had this been the only family shot in the session, but we did a lot of the more traditional stuff and were going for something a little more serious and moody.
I am not wild about it.

I don't know why, but I see something along the lines of ~20mm shot from below, everyone's arms folded across the chest with stern looks on their faces.
Maybe light it to get some seperation between the background and his hat? Sortve gets lost in it.
To me serious/moody shows better in black and white. So if it were my photo I would convert it to b&w.
^^I agree with the b&w comment.

Also agree with the man's hat blending in with the background, as does the woman's hair... her hat appears to float.

Otherwise, I really like this portrait. The facial lighting is even. The girl's head resting on her hand resting on her father's arm is nice. The expressions make sense to me.

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