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Jul 11, 2006
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I am pretty new to fashion photography. This is my second fashion shoot ever, but I think it went pretty well. I decided to create a diptych of this one too, just like my Last man standing. The second photo wouldn't probably work all by itself. I shot it so that I could combine them.

I am thinking of using this as one of my ten work samples when I try to get into photography school this year. If it sucks then I can't really reshoot as she lives pretty far away. I was just visiting her today. :) But please let me know what you think.

Before you comment I just have to let you know that I kept the shelves in the background of the second just so that it doesn't look like she has moved.



I also want your opinions on this next one.. Which version is best? B&W or color? Sorry for keeping them small.. It looks like her skin is all blurred on these small images but that's not the case on bigger versions.

This is the skin in 100% crop. Just to let you know there IS skin texture. :p

So.. Which one? B&W?

Or color?

Thanks for looking.
awesome shots! i like the color, personally. the color of her lips, eyes and skin complement each other greatly, IMO
i like the black and white better because there is more appeal in her eyes. if you could bring out her eyes in the colored one, i might prefer that.

pretty girl!
Thanks for the comments. The black and white version was the intended version! Then I just turned off the b&w conversion layer and couldn't decide. :S
These are awesome! What was you lighting setup like?
Actually it was the simplest possible lighting, haha! One flash shooting through a transparent umbrella. Nothing more. I couldn't fit more in her tiny kitchen anyways! :D Really what you see in that first picture is the WHOLE kitchen.
Those shots are pure awesome martin. Like i said to you on MSN, The apartment looks like kind of tiny, which is cool because it puts more of an emphasize on her, without using a fake background.

The photo looks spotless and the photo on the right looks like a Lipstick ad.
She's a really good model too, looks like you had a great time. Awesome job Martin.
Small kitchen!!!!! Or really tall model!!!

Great work, I like how you combine the shots in the first piece, I like the B&W better then color, an incredible conversion. Very nicely done.
Thanks peepz! Yes the oven is damn small but cute. :)
reminds me of Ikea! nice shots
#1 seems very strange to me, I didnt know they made such small kitchens - the perspective seems all wrong
reminds me of Ikea! nice shots
Ikea owns!

#1 seems very strange to me, I didnt know they made such small kitchens - the perspective seems all wrong
She has a one room apartment so the kitchen is extremely small. Two people can stand in it and then it's full!

very nice the 100% crop is very impressive, what lens is this with?
It's the 17-40mm 4L. Not the best for the close-ups but it was the only lens I had with me. I had to go pretty close for that second photo. A great lens though!

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