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Dec 13, 2008
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What are your favorite aperture plugins? I just downloaded it, and want to compare it to lightroom, so any plugin ideas will be good.
as much as you hate me.. i will tell you that lightroom is a FAR better program... i tested them both, and gave them both a good run... lightroom is far more user friendly, and its just got an awesome workflow... to learn more about lightroom, i suggest you check out the "Killer LightRoom Tips" podcast.. its so awesome!
I don't hate you. That would be quite petty to hate someone on the internet. However, it wasn't difficult to get Aperture, so I am just trying it.

I guess I could open it up to favorite plugins.....so for any type.
Nik Silver Efex is a pretty awesome plugin for photoshop and aperture-- handles black and white conversions. It really does good work and has some cool built in effects options.
I actually got that for CS4, and love it. All my B+ws are done on it now.
You ought to try it in aperture-- my paper uses Aperture and I'm curious if it would be worth installing it there to do batch conversions.
I have Nik softwares silver effex for Aperture, i have everything i need to do post production now, have not got into big effects like HDR or tilt shift blurring or anything. so this does the trick.

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