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Dec 14, 2003
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I was trying to capture the feathers on this swan for about 10 minutes. The light on them really caught my eye, and with the water being so dark, it looked pretty cool. Played a bit in Ps to make the water darker. :) I composed it sort of artsy lookin too.
man, chiller.....i so love this shot...the whole black bg and then the striking white feathers....very artsy fartsy...

but also very beautiful.....

this is one i would frame.....( may have to sweet talk ya outta this one...)

nothing more beautiful than black and white, and add feathers in the mix,...awesome..
Thanks so much everyone for your kind words.
Sir Ray.... I take my shots of the swans at Bluffers Park. They come right up to you there. This guy was swimming in where they launch the boats. The dark background it just the shadow on the water created by the sides of the "launch" area. It was easy to adjust the brightness/contrast a little to get his effect.
Great shot Chiller! Feathers look really cool and your composition is definitely suited for framing. Didn’t I hear that Archangel was looking for a new set of feathers? Could not pick any better than these.
Man, I'm loving this shot. Big time. Those stark white feathers, with the nice lighting and subtle shadows, against the dark background, and that negative space... Wow!!
cool effect chiller, very artsy... :thumbup:

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