Feeler: Nikon D80 dslr kit with extra lense

well honestly not under the best circumstances... Family problems.

Otherwise it would not be for sale
Well, to give folks an idea, here is the price for just the camera and kit lens through B&H.

New: $1079.95
Used: $949.00

I could not find the price for the other lens.

If I had not just bought the D40x, I would help you out.
Well i paid almost $1200 with the kit lense. 18-55 (i have the reciept) plus extra for the memory card, filters, ect.

the 2nd lense is an extra one that i use on my other camera. (i previously owned it)

I would like to get $1000 since it pretty much brand new. that would include both lenses, the 2gig scandisk ultra II memory card, battery, strap and all other accessories.

Its a good deal if someone was going to buy a new d80 anyway... why not save a couple hundred bucks and get a camera that is in brand new condition with everything needed to start shooting.
sounds like a fair price to me. Especially with the second lens included and the Memory-Card...

Hope you'll find a buyer soon...

(You said you used it about 10 times....how many shots were taken with it? should be recorded on the photo-file-names...)
I dont know how to access the amount of shots taken. I erased the memory card after putting the pictures on my computer so every set of pictures starts back at one.

I used the camera at 2 events (a wedding, and a Birthday party) both events i took approx 250 -300 pictures at. Aside from those 2 events i only used the camera a few more times. I doubt i took over 50 pictures in any other shoot.

I would estimate that i took no more then 1000 pictures total.
Sounds like a good deal to me, I am currently saving up for a D80. I just won't have the $ until a couple of months from now. Hope you sell it before then, especially with your situation. But by some crazy chance it is still available in a few months I will check back with ya. You might try posting it in Craigslist if you haven't already, that's where I always check.
Thanks for the bump! I definitely need to sell asap.

Someone please help me out
Any interest in parting this out? I am interested in just the body. If so, how much would it take to part with it?

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