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Oct 20, 2007
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So, mum let me fiddle with the camera for a hour or two before it had to go under the tree :(

anyway I was expecting the menus to be a lot more complicated but it was all pretty self explanatory.

I have a XTi btw

anyway.. Is there a way I can set it to bracket when I take pictures? like 1 "right exposure" -1 stop and then +stop or something?

On the top right corner of the back theres 2 buttons the one on the left I press and it says the shutter speed/aperature depending on what mode im in. Can I make it so it shows both all the time. (I know I can look through the viewfinder)

What are some good post processing programs.. for a beginner.. and free. I have access to photoshop CS3 but I don't know how to use it at all

Any suggestions on bags or tripods? I plan on getting the 70-200mm f/4L after I get relatively comfortable with my camera and then a 50mm prime.

whats the difference between SD and CF cards? I'm pretty sure XTi uses CF, can anyone help me with this?
The manual can answer the first two questions. I don't have a Canon so I can't help there.

Good free post processing programs: GIMP is about as good and free as it gets. It's a bit of a hefty download.

Tripod no idea on the cheaper side of things, just don't get a very cheap one which can't support the weight of your camera. They are fine for point and shoot but bigger lenses take a bit of support.

SD cards are small ones, CF cards are the bigger chunkier ones. Not much more too it than that.

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