Few more from Grouse Mt Vancouver

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    Well after yesterday's thread: http://www.thephotoforum.com/forum/landscape-cityscape/152643-vancouver-different-perspective.html I went up today again to do some more skiing. Man what a different day. Whereas yesterday we had high cloud cover today we had low clouds (fog for those actually in Vancouver), and the sight from the mountain is something that I have never seen outside of the Austrian alps. Especially with the vast clouds covering the sea, the city, ... everything.

    1. Imagine the view these houses get

    2. Sunset from the top of Grouse

    3. One more random ski photo, grab the large copy and look into the goggles.

    Large ones on Flickr: garbz's Photostream

    Wish I had my D200, fighting with this Canon P&S is like pulling teeth.


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